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Heretofore, reading 4 pages in an hour was nigh unto impossible for that kid! And he’d have rather opened a vein than read 4 pages at a sitting! Now I have to pry the book out of his hands! I’m completely stunned and thrilled!

—Mom of eight year old, Sandy UT

About Be Amazing Learning

Be Amazing Learning is a new kind of education company, focused on enhancing foundational cognitive skills to create successful students. We are based in Oakland, California, and serve families nationwide through our Internet-enabled remote tutoring model.

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John Horsch is the former Director of Customer Operations for Scientific Learning, creators of the Fast ForWord programs. While at Scientific Learning, he oversaw the implementation of Fast ForWord programs in hundreds of school districts and clinical offices around the United States. John serves on the Board of Trustees of Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, the first independent Spanish and English bilingual school in Northern California.

"While I was always amazed by the progress that struggling students made after using these programs, I was particularly fascinated by the improvements in academic performance made by students who were average and even above average students. Kids who tested at the 50th percentile were testing at the 75th percentile after training. And kids who tested at the 80th percentile were at the 90th percentile after training. We're talking about smart, talented kids here, making significant gains in foundational academic skills. These kids are going on to great things, with a life-long love of learning. "

Kristin Carpenter earned a teaching credential from UC Davis in 1997. Since then, she has been teaching elementary school in the Bay Area. She has taught kindergarten and 2-5th grade as well as supervised student teachers for St. Mary’s College. Kristin has a breadth of knowledge of teaching methods, strategies, and curriculum involved in teaching reading and language arts to elementary aged children.

"Our programs prepare children for the classroom. When children have enhanced processing rates and improved attention and memory, they are able to perform better in school. These skills improve children's access to the curriculum , and that increases learning. I like to think of this: A tutor can help a child with one or more content areas, but Be Amazing Learning trains the brain to perform better. We get your child's brain ready to learn."