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He was indeed very proud to finish the program and can’t wait to learn more. His self confidence is definitely lifted. He uttered phrases such as: “This is easy to me, Mom.” “I can do it myself.” and “I don’t need help.” These phrases are music to my ears.

—Mom of seven year old, Carson CA

Computer-based Training Programs

Cogmed is a rigorous program designed to improve working memory through intensive and systematic training. The program consists of 25 daily training sessions, each 30-45 minutes long. Individuals work on the program five days per week for five weeks. Each session consists of a selection of various tasks that target the different aspects of working memory. The difficulty level of each task is adjusted in real time according to a highly sensitive and specific algorithm.

Individuals train on a computer at home, in school, or at work. During training, performance is tracked online and can be viewed by the individual and learning specialists from Be Amazing Learning, who provide feedback and support throughout the training.