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We are making progress... We are communicating now. And it feels WONDERFUL! Three months ago, we knew there was no way he would be ready to start Kindergarten in July. His teachers now tell me that he is ready.

—Mom of five year old, Columbia MO

How Does it Work?

Be Amazing Learning’s programs develop brain processing skills through intensive adaptive activity, resulting in actual physical changes in the brain.

That’s not easy, but we can help.

Your child trains with our programs on your computer, at your home, on a schedule that fits your busy life. Be Amazing Learning provides remote monitoring, coaching, and regular reports of progress.

Be Amazing Learning is a certified provider of Fast ForWord programs. We offer Cogmed in cooperation with the Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic. Our service is comprehensive and includes all of the necessary software and equipment, configuration and management of the daily and weekly training schedule, and unparalleled support.

For Every Be Amazing Learning Client

You Provide We Provide
A computer with an Internet connection. An initial consultation to determine which program and schedule is right for your child.
A quiet, comfortable location for training. Software and assistance with initial setup of the programs on your home computer.
  Appropriately sized, high quality headphones (2 sets) and a stereo y-adapter.
  Daily Internet-based monitoring of your child’s progress.
  Weekly consultations with Be Amazing Learning’s team of education professionals, plus additional consultations as needed (phone or email).
  Ongoing support, including motivational strategies to help keep your child on task.
  A Final Report, with information on milestones reached and suggested next steps.

Participation Incentives

Our programs are designed to be engaging for students. The exercises are presented in a game-like format, with high score tracking and reward animations. Additionally, the adaptive nature of the programs helps keep students engaged because they are consistently challenged at an appropriate level (difficult enough to promote learning, but not so tough that kids disengage out of frustration).

To help students stay motivated and on task, we automatically enroll each student in our token reward program. Students earn tokens for completing their schedule each day. The tokens can be redeemed online for prizes, including sporting equipment, games, and toys. They can even redeem their tokens to adopt an endangered animal or protect an Amazon rain forest.

Participation in our token reward program is included in the cost of our programs. Call or email us today to learn more.

Comprehensive, Flexible Pricing

Be Amazing Learning offers flexible pricing options for families, including monthly rates and discounts for multiple months purchased together.

We also offer a sibling discount program that provides a reduced rate for additional students in the same household who are running our programs at the same time.

Call or email us today to learn more.