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Scientifically Designed and Tested

Neuroscience research has established that boosting the brain’s processing efficiency accelerates quality learning. It’s called brain plasticity, and among neuroscientists, it refers to the brain’s ability to change at any age throughout life.

Leveraging Brain Plasticity

The Fast ForWord® programs use patented technologies that leverage the science and opportunity of brain plasticity. By exercising processing skills through intensive, adaptive activity, actual physical changes occur in the brain. “Grey matter” can thicken, neural connections can be forged and strengthened, and these physical changes to the brain can improve learning ability.

The Fast ForWord programs can trigger changes in the brain and provide an optimal foundation for learning success.

Why Fast ForWord Works

The Fast ForWord programs strictly adhere to the principles of neuroscience on which they were developed, and are designed to increase the brain’s processing efficiency:

Proven Results

Hundreds of thousands of students around the world have made significant gains in critical learning skills after short, intense training with Fast ForWord programs. Scientific Learning has compiled one of the largest databases of measured user results in education today.