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He was indeed very proud to finish the program and can’t wait to learn more. His self confidence is definitely lifted. He uttered phrases such as: “This is easy to me, Mom.” “I can do it myself.” and “I don’t need help.” These phrases are music to my ears.

—Mom of seven year old, Carson CA

What is it?

Most kids are smart. But lots of kids have brains that don’t process at peak efficiency.

Our brains receive a constant stream of sensory information: auditory information, from car horns to a teacher lecturing to a class; and visual information, from the color of our socks to the headline in the newspaper. Even if our eyes and ears are working well, our brains still need to process all of this information so that we can make meaning from our world.

When kids’ brains are not processing at peak efficiency:

The good news is that we can fix this problem in 3 to 4 months with daily exercises for the brain that promote processing efficiency. Just like we exercise our bodies in the gym or on the track to build physical fitness, we can build brain fitness through targeted exercises that adapt to our abilities.

Be Amazing Learning provides solutions that build brain processing efficiency in critical cognitive skill areas:

The programs are based on decades of research into brain plasticity, and provide effective, enduring and validated results in just 3-4 months.

Professional Oversight and Remote Progress Tracking

Be Amazing Learning uses online data analysis and reporting tools to remotely monitor the individual performance of students working with our programs. Based on regular reviews of student performance, Be Amazing Learning provides: