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His memory has improved. Given a 4-5 sentence short story, he is able to answer questions about the story without frustration recalling what he read.

—Mom of eight year old, Vancouver BC

Who is it for?

Nearly every child can benefit from improved brain processing efficiency.  Wherever your child is, Be Amazing Learning can help move them forward. Our programs have been proven to be effective with many types of learners of all ages.

Struggling Students

Be Amazing Learning helps students struggling with new or ongoing learning challenges, including:

For these students, our programs are more effective than traditional tutoring because they address learning at a foundational cognitive level.

Additionally, our programs are a highly effective intervention for students with diagnosed language, learning, and attention challenges, including:

Grade-level Students Looking for Less Stress Over Homework and More Fun Learning

Training foundational cognitive skills can unlock your child’s academic potential. Enduring improvements in attention, working memory and other skills can move your child into the above-average range and foster a life-long love of learning. For grade level students looking for a boost, Be Amazing Learning builds the cognitive foundation that helps students access curriculum in the classroom and get more from teachers and tutors.

Gifted and Talented Students Looking to Get Ahead

Be Amazing Learning builds the foundational cognitive skills that can give gifted and talented students the edge they need to be the very best. Armed with better working memory, attention, and brain processing speeds, gifted and talented students can reach the absolute limits of their potential.